Here you can find answers to the frequently asked questions.

  • Where can I find pricing to use ColorPhone on my event?

    After registering your account and logging in, you can add a new location.

    When you have a location, you can request a subscription for that location. Here you can find the prices.

  • Do I need to buy any custom hardware?

    You don't need to buy any custom hardware to run ColorPhone. You can use any laptop/PC with internet connection to run the DMX Receiver to control the phones.

  • Is an app download required for visitors?

    No, ColorPhone will run in the web browser of the visitors. They only need to scan a QR code, or go to some website.

  • Can I run the ColorPhone client on my own website?

    Yes! It is possible to run the ColorPhone client on your own website. We can deliver you the HTML and JavaScript files to host the ColorPhone client on your own website.

  • Can I test out the software for free?

    Right now there is no free test version. But you can download the DMX receiver and dry-run it to check if the DMX receiver receives your DMX signal before requesting a subscription.

    But when you want to control actual phones, you will need to purchase a subscription.

  • Can I use the software without lighting console?

    Right now a lighting console is required to use ColorPhone. You can also use a virtual lighting console on an PC, but we don't provide service on that part.

  • What are the requirements for end-users?

    If your end-users have a mobile phone and some stable internet connection, they can run the ColorPhone client in the web client.

    If your event is on a location where there is no internet connection, ColorPhone can't get used.

  • Does the screens goes off automatic while using the ColorPhone client?

    Modern browsers and phones will not turn off the screen while running the ColorPhone client!

  • Does my lighting console needs internet connection?

    This is not required, only the DMX receiver needs an active internet connection.

    For example, you can use the following setup:

    • Get 1 laptop with 2 network cards (best 2 UTP/wired interfaces, can be USB). And also get your lighting console.
    • Connect the laptop with 1 network card to an internet router. Let the router give an IP to the network card, and make sure you have internet connection now.
    • Connect the other UTP network card directly to the lighting console.
    • Disable DHCP on the lighting console and laptop network card that is connected to the lighting console. Configure them both in 10.x.x.x range (or other range, but this is typical ArtNet range)

    Now your laptop should be enabled to receive DMX data with the ColorPhone DMX receiver, and the DMX receiver will transmit data to the server trough internet. The lighting console still does not have internet.

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