ColorPhone turns your crowd into DMX lighting fixtures

Control the phones with your DMX lighting console

Simple to get started

With 1 laptop/PC running the DMX receiver software, you can control the phones of visitors!

The configuration can be done in the configuration portal. Here you can create locations and set everything up.

ColorPhone provide all the the servers, clients and the DMX receiver! But you can also self-host the client *!

* Self hosting can have impact on your website hosting, because of potential high traffic. ColorPhone can advise you if you want to self-host the client.

No extra hardware

Visitors own phones will light up with the show. The visitor needs to visit a website to run the phone client, and this client will receive the DMX data.
You can share the link to the client with QR codes or within your event socials/website.

So besides the (internet connected) computer that running the DMX receiver software, you don't need any extra hardware!

No need for wristbands or other equipment, and no extra logistics costs!

From concert to congress

Want an extra interaction with your audience during a concert? Here is ColorPhone! We light up the crowd with the stage, in the colors you want!

But want to let your congress visitors know that the next speaker is getting started? We are here!

Do you have some creative idea how to use ColorPhone? Please reach out to tell us about your ideas!

A new way to interact with the crowd

ColorPhone is now available in the EU!

With our software you can control the phones of your audience with DMX. So if you have some lighting console or lighting software, you can connect phones!

First we had lighters, then we had phone flashlights, now we have phone screens in all colors you want!

Some features

  • DMX Receiver can run on every laptop/PC (ColorPhone DMX receiver is available as software download for Windows, Linux and Mac).
    • You can connect the laptop with 1 network cable to a lighting console
    • For small setups, you could also run some lighting table software of choice on the same laptop as the DMX receiver!
      The only requirement, is that you can send ArtNet DMX to the running ColorPhone DMX receiver software and that the ColorPhone DMX receiver some stable internet connection.
  • Visitors don't have to download a app. They can scan an QR code or visit the website through your social media/website/etc.
    • Hosting of the web client can be done by us, or by yourself (depending on hosting capacity, but our client is under 500kb!)
    • The client also can run on TV screens, projectors, etc. etc.
  • Privacy-friendly
    • No microphone, camera or other access needed
    • No tracking cookies
  • Low bandwidth and latency
    • Between ~20 and ~40ms latency *
    • Both our DMX receiver, as the client are using very little bandwidth
  • Admin panel to configure everything you need
    • Configure DMX channels in the portal
    • Find the DMX receiver software in the portal
  • There is more! Register now to see all features!

You can register your account and request an subscription that suits your needs. After subscribing, we will get in contact about the start of your subscription.
You can be one of the first concert or congress that uses this revolutionary way of engaging the crowd!

* We can not guarantee latency. We will run the server on locations as near as possible to your location.

You register your account

You can register your account on our register page

Create an location and request subscription

After registration you can directly login and have a look into the admin panel. Now you can add some location and request a subscription.

Without subscription you can already start configure you DMX fixtures, so when everything is setup you are ready to start using the software.
You can also download and test out the DMX receiver with the dry-run feature. This way it outputs timestamps when receiving DMX.

You can start using our software!

After out first contact about your subscription, we will activate the subscription.

Interact with your audience in a new way. Let them be part of the light show.

Can't wait to see what creative things you are going to do with ColorPhone!

Having questions? Reach out to get help!